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Why choose the Oracle Cloud?

mFrontiers has chosen the Oracle Cloud as the foundation for the mFinity cloud platform for multiple reasons.  Since the mFinity platform is built upon and extends the Oracle Mobile Suite, the Oracle Cloud was a natural first choice.  In addition, mFrontiers has developed a strong technical partnership with the Oracle Database Mobile Server development team.  That partnership has carried over to our relationship with the Oracle Cloud support team.

Oracle has fourteen years experience running enterprise clouds and currently supports 18 million users per week and 26 billion of transactions per day.  The Oracle Cloud infrastructure includes data centers on 4 continents.


Localized Compliance

Data Localization

With the Oracle Cloud, data residency and compliance can be localized to where customers want their data.  The 19 data centers, located across the globe, offer:

  • Baseline 99.999% availability of power/cooling
  • 24/7 active monitoring and support
  • Carrier neutral, with best in class peering

With Oracle badged security experts available 24/7, the Oracle Cloud offers the best in class industry based compliance.


Data Governance

Oracle Cloud Services are built upon a common architecture and common set of operational policies and procedures.  Unlike other cloud providers, Oracle has ownership of the full stack, including both hardware and software.  Oracle database, middleware, operating systems, servers, and storage are engineered to work together.

The Oracle Cloud organization has over 800 dedicated IT staff supporting operations, 24/7.  Functional experts and architects are available in all key support roles.  Importantly, there is not outsourcing of responsibilities.  100% of Oracle Cloud activities are performed by Oracle employees.


Data Security

The Oracle Cloud offers world-class security and compliance.

  • Physical security and best-in-class facilities
  • Redundant power and network
  • Disaster Recovery
  • 24/7 environmental monitoring and alerting
  • Security accreditations necessary for most organizations, governments, and industries
  • Code review and third-party vulnerability assessment
  • Resilient architecture with no single points of failure 


Summary of Benefits of the Oracle Cloud

  • Peace of mind for mission-critical application services
  • Delivery you can rely on
  • Validated in the most demanding environments
  • Provide a reliable, secure, and scalable
  • cloud environment for all customer transactions
  • Security policies that align with industry best practices