mFrontiers chose Oracle as the foundation for the mFinity platform because of Oracle's legacy of best IT practices and the breadth and depth of its database, middleware, and mobility products.  When Oracle recognized the depth of mFrontiers' expertise in Oracle mobility products, the strategic partnership between the two organizations began to grow.

Today, Daniel Pahng, the President of mFrontiers, is a member of both the Oracle Customer Advisory Board for Enterprise Mobility and the Customer Advisory Board for Oracle Cloud.  Daniel was invited to join to those groups in recognition of the added customer value that the mFinity platform brings to the Oracle Mobile Suite.

Both mFinity EMMP and mFinity IoT run under Oracle WebLogic and use Oracle Database for the data repository.   The mFinity EMMP Administrative Console is integrated with Oracle Database Mobile Server.  The mFinity EMMP mobile app container is integrated with the Oracle Database Mobile Server sync agent, and uses Oracle Berkeley DB as a data repository on the mobile device.  Both mFinity EMMP and mFinity IoT run on the Oracle Cloud.  

mFrontiers demonstrated innovation and technical competency when it seamlessly integrated components of Oracle Database Mobile Server into both the server-side and mobile device side of mFinity.  In doing so, it greatly simplified the use of Database Mobile Server, increasing its value to current and potential Oracle customers.   Members of the development teams from Oracle and mFrontiers continue to work together to ensure the optimal performance of the Oracle-based mFinity platform.

In 2014, mFrontiers was a recipient of an Oracle Excellence Award for Sustainability Innovation, for an mFinity EMMP application that was developed for Safe Water Kenya, a non-governmental humanitarian organization based in the U.S. that saves lives in Kenya by providing access to clean water in remote areas.  The award was presented by Jeff Henley, Oracle Chairman of the Board, during Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. 

Below is a link to a video at the Oracle website that describes the partnership between Safe Water Kenya and mFrontiers.

"Oracle Partnerships: Safe Water Kenya and mFrontiers"

A video demonstration of the award-winning Safe Water Kenya application may be viewed at the following link:

Safe Water Kenya - Offline Database Synchronization Demonstration

Here is a link to an mFinity EMMP presentation at the Oracle website:

Mobile Solutions with mFinity EMMP