Centralized Administration
  • Real-time configurations, controls, and updates for a mobile business application
  • Policy-based application deployment and distribution
  • Various built-in utilities for easy administration
  • Improved efficiency
Roles & Responsibilities based  Mobile Business
  • Separation of developer’s and administrator’s privileges
  • Separation of business logic and device runtime control
  • Standardizations of Enterprise Mobility Management
Rapid Development & Easy Maintenance
  • Complete separation of the runtime client and the enterprise’s business application
  • Supports any development tool to maximize the developer’s productivity
  • Supports server side integration/synchronization with legacy systems
  • Built-in sensor APIs and dramatically simpler programming
  • Increases the developer’s productivity
Independent Development Environment from devices and OS
  • Simultaneous support for multiple operating systems & devices
  • Executing 3 types of apps within one mobile client runtime engine

- Mobile web : any WAS based web applications
- Web app : using any web-app framework or nothing
- Native app : Android & iOS native app modules

  • Better End-user Experience and Satisfaction
Just-in-Time Delivery
  • Automatic deployment of new/updated mobile-web business applications in real-time
  • Automatic deployment or upgrades of new/updated mobile business web-app applications
  • Just-in-time download and upgrades of new/updated mobile business native-app modules
  • All deliveries need only one client via in-house networks
  • Better app distribution solution for BYOD policy
Built-in Application Security
  • Powerful and easy-to-use device authentication module
  • Easy certification process, the double bond security system
  • ID, devices, application blocking, and role based blocking.
  • Better Mobile Security