Securus Data Centers

Securus Data Centers is a Multi-Tenant Data Center operator offering managed network, data center, Internet (ISP), mobile application management, and professional services within the rapidly growing outsourced data center market.

Carrier Hotels

As networks have become more complex, the concept of a single point of failure is a major concern for executives.  The Securus Data Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is both a multi-tenant data center and a carrier hotel, which provides network professionals the ability to architect fully redundant high-availability designs.

Professional Services

Securus Data Centers is here to help with your business architecture and design needs. Securus can provide consulting services on scope of work basis, including outsourced CIO, CTO, CMO and CXO services.

Mobile Application Management

Securus Data Centers offers mFinity for Mobile, a Mobile Application Management platform that simplifies the development, deployment, and management of mobile business applications.